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Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

It’s soupy season yall! upgrade your soup crouton game by using grilled cheese! Also I did some ~serious~ research on grilled cheese to discover that the best way to do it is add some cheese on the outside of the bread too Such a fun dinner! Lemme know if you try it!!!


  • 1 box of Tomato Soup

  • Cheddar Garlic Focaccia Bread

  • Mexican Style Cheese Blend

  • Caramelized Onion Cheddar Cheese

  • Pecorino Cheese (or Parmesan)

  • Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers

  • 1 tsp butter (melted)


  1. Heat the soup in a medium sized sauce pan

  2. Shred the caramelized onion and pecorino cheese. Next butter one side of the focaccia bread and press that side down into the grated pecorino cheese. Next bring a pan to medium heat and spray with non-stick (or use more butter). Then place the pecorino cheese side down into the hot pan (this will be the outside of the sandwich - it gives the bread nice crunch). Add the grated caramelized onion and mexican blend cheese to the bread. Press the 2 pieces together and cook until melty.

  3. Cut the grilled cheese into 6 pieces and then place into the hot tomato soup! Serve with gorgonzola crackers and enjoy!


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