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Cooking in Sync
with Your Cycle

by Inbar Gavra
Nutrition Coach, Women's Holistic Health Coach,  & Creator of Simple Skillet

60 Recipes to Balance Your Hormones, Fight Fatigue, and Feel Better in Your Body During Every Phase

Cooking In Sync With Your Cycle Cookbook
Inbar Gavra

It is surreal to me that two years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, struggling with acne, mood swings, and bloating - and now I’m publishing a cookbook to help women in a similar position learn how to take control of their hormone health through the power of food. I have never felt better, mentally and physically, and this improvement started when I finally understood how to live in sync with my menstrual cycle.

This journey wasn’t easy. Initially, my diagnosis overwhelmed me and I was often stressed that I was eating the wrong foods or harming my health. But by aligning my diet with my menstrual cycle, I discovered a nourishing and joyful way to eat. I learned to incorporate new ingredients and embrace an additive, not restrictive, diet.

I hope this cookbook helps you avoid the struggles I faced and jump straight to the fun part; enjoying the 60 hormone-balancing recipes I made for you all. As a certified nutrition coach, women’s holistic health coach, and yoga teacher, I've poured my knowledge and passion into these recipes, all taste-tested and approved by friends and family.

Enjoy your journey to better health and delicious meals!

The Story Behind The Book

alisa vitti.png

Alisa Vitti

 Creator of the Cycle SyncingⓇ Method, Best Selling Author of WomanCode and In the FLO, Founder of FLO Living and the MyFLO app

After struggling for years with PCOS, Inbar discovered the Cycle SyncingⓇ Method and restored her cycle, cleared her acne and transformed her mood.  This cookbook shares Inbar's best recipes from her journey of eating in alignment with her cycle phases and provides a delicious resource for anyone who is ready to start syncing their diet with their cycle!  

Julia Manski.jpeg

Julia Kormanski-Miller,


Nutritionist & Founder of Manski's Wellness

This cookbook will be your go to guide when you begin your cycle syncing journey. Every single recipe in this book is so balanced, nutrient dense and prioritizes a variety of foods that help support your hormones in every phase. Many women struggle with cycle syncing already and having a list of foods to eat without any guidance on how to implement them just leads women frustrated. This book fixes all of that and leaves your taste buds (& hormones) feeling super happy. Inbar makes the most aesthetic meals so with each page you turn, you are greeted with the most beautiful meals!


Grace Wagner

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Inbar's cookbook is more than just a cookbook filled with healthy and delicious recipes. It’s an essential guide for women who want to learn more about their bodies and how to support their hormones with food during the different phases of their cycle.


Teodora Sabau

Menstrual Cycle Coach (The Sync Way)

Menstrual health goes beyond periods and pregnancy; it's about reconnecting with your body and understanding the rhythms of each phase of the cycle. Food serves as both a connector and a source of fuel, reminding us to honor each phase and provide our bodies with the nourishment they need. Nutrition should be simple yet nourishing. The recipes in this book are exactly that! It's a must-have resource that every woman should keep on her bookshelf


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